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CLASS FULL Design and Sew a Custom Tote Bag with Ellie Lum, Saturday, December 9, 10 am - 5:00 pm

CLASS FULL Design and Sew a Custom Tote Bag with Ellie Lum, Saturday, December 9, 10 am - 5:00 pm

Article number: CLA-TOTEDESIGN-20171209
Availability: Out of stock
Skill Level: Beginner, ages 18 and up
Design and sew a custom tote bag with Ellie Lum in this creative one-day workshop! Customize your tote size, pockets, handles, and construction details and build your bag from start to finish. Ellie will help you make your perfect tote for any occasion: whether you need an everyday bag for all your essentials, a rugged tote for your laptop or school supplies, or a fancy tote for a night out. 
In this class we will work off of two sample bags made especially to showcase the customizable features & materials you will choose from to design & sew your custom tote. Add zip pockets, leather details, snap closures and more! The possibilities are at your fingertips to design the perfect custom tote bag for your needs & lifestyle. 
The first part of class will consist of a design lab, where we will discuss design considerations, material choices, shape, size, and pockets — all while designing your own tote. Then we will take a lunch/shopping break, where you will purchase the needed materials to make your tote. Lastly, Ellie will guide you through the process of cutting, and sewing your design into creation. 
Supply List:
• Pattern Required: There are two options for the pattern. The one you choose will depend on the decisions you make during the design lab portion of class.
 — Option A- Oberlin Tote with Leather Straps by KLUM HOUSE
 — Option B- Oberlin Tote with Canvas Straps by KLUM HOUSE
• 1 yard fabric for main body, base, and straps (if not using leather). Use a medium to heavyweight textile for main fabric, such as canvas, waxed canvas or denim.
• 1/3 yard fabric for pockets. Use a medium-weight fabric for pockets, such as cotton, Japanese cotton, linen, denim, quilting cotton, etc.
• Mettler Metrosene All Purpose thread to match
• Leather or 1” or 1-1/4” Cotton Webbing for Straps 
• 6” x 6” piece of soft leather for strap handles detail (optional)
• 4 metal brads for attaching leather straps
• Schmetz Leather needles
• Schmetz Denim needles
• Magnetic purse snap
• 8” brass zipper
All supplies are available for purchase at Modern Domestic.
What is a “Beginner” class at Modern Domestic?
You’ve taken a class or two and are starting to get comfortable with the basics. You know what a seam allowance is, you’ve sewn a little on your own, but you still need a little help with remembering how to thread the machine and wind a bobbin. These classes usually have little if any homework to complete outside of class time. The prerequisite for any Beginner class is a Sew Basics class, Learn to Sew class, or equivalent. This skill level is not for people who have never sewn before. 
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