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Embroidery Hoops


Bernina Embroidery Hoop Maxi for 7 Series 210x400mm / 8.25''x15.75''
The maxi embroidery frame (max. embroidery area 210 x 400 mm) facilitates special large embroidery motifs, motif combinations and borders. It has an ergonomic twist lock with a ratchet mechanism, for easy clamping and releasing of the material.
Bernina Embroidery Hoop Midi 265x165mm/10.4" X 6.5"
Hooping any fabric with the BERNINA Midi Embroidery Hoop is so easy. Due to the reliable ergonomic twist-lock-mechanism, the hoop can be opened and closed with a touch of a finger.
Bernina Embroidery Hoop Mega (for 4, 5, and 6 series) 150x400mm/6''x15.75''
The mega embroidery frame (max. embroidery area 150 x 400 mm) is a professional grade hoop for embroidering extra-large embroidery designs, motif combinations and borders. It has three possible embroidery positions.
Bernina Embroidery Hoop Medium 100x130mm
The Medium Embroidery Hoop (max. embroidery area 100 x 130 mm) is ideal for medium-sized embroidery projects. It provides plenty of room for attractive embroidery patterns.
Bernina Embroidery Hoop Small 50x72mm
The Small Embroidery Hoop is particularly suitable for small embroidery designs and for free-arm embroidery of closed sewing projects such as sleeves, trouser legs, etc. It ensures tidy embroidery in no time at all.
Bernina Embroidery Hoop Jumbo for 8 Series 400x260mm/15.75''x10.25''
The jumbo embroidery frame (max. embroidery area 10 1/4" x 15 3/4") is ideally suited for oversize embroidery projects. It is especially good for extra-large embroidery motifs, motif combinations and borders.
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