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Boro Kit by Moda

Boro Kit by Moda

Article number: KIT-33400
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a new line of Moda fabrics honors the Japanese tradition of boro—the Japanese technique of creating beautiful textiles through repeated mending—and to give quilters the opportunity to create beauty of their own.

The tradition of boro (the word translates as “tattered” and “broken”) can be traced to the snowy north of the island of Honshu, an area associated with significant poverty, according to the Amuse Museum in Tokyo

Cotton was precious because it was too far north for it to grow, and many residents made do with scratchy hemp cloth they wove themselves. No piece of fabric—cotton or hemp—went to waste, and bits and pieces were saved and stitched over holes in clothing, futon covers, and other fabric items used by workers and families. A bit of hemp or other fiber was sometimes stuffed under a patch on a piece of clothing for warmth. 

These bits and pieces were typically attached with visible running stitches to strengthen and reinforce the patches, and garments often had multiple patches and areas of stitching. Because fabric was time-consuming to produce and expensive to buy, these items might be handed down from one generation to the next. Though their intent was functional, Boro textiles ultimately achieved recognition for their wabi sabi—beauty in imperfection. The multiple hues and textures of fabric placed wherever a hole appeared, along with the prominent stitching, created a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Approximate finished size: 64 in by 72 in

Quilt kit includes the fabrics for the quilt top and binding as well as the quilt pattern.


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