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Pride Prints


Bright Days Rainbow Bright Small
There have been some incredibly disconcerting, dark days in our country and world. I drew this collection in hopes that it would make you smile. Colorful kites, friends holding hands, dancing, flowers for friends, cartwheels, being silly, jumps for joy.
Infatuation Rainbow by Alexander Henry
Alexander Henry is a premier textile design house, producing cutting-edge, original cotton prints. A favorite of manufacturers and home-sewers alike, our ever-growing collection embraces a wide range of themes inspired by art history and runway fashion.
Rain or Shine by Jessica Swift Stormy Rainbows Knit
Inspired by the rain-filled, puddle-jumping walks through the neighborhood, Jessica Swift takes you along a magical adventure with her kids through her illustrations of darling boots, playful frogs, and cheerful rainbows.
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