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Slow Stitching Mini-Quilt or Wall Hanging, Lake Oswego Store, Saturday, April 18th, 10am-1pm
Blair Stocker

Slow Stitching Mini-Quilt or Wall Hanging, Lake Oswego Store, Saturday, April 18th, 10am-1pm

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Level: Advanced Beginner

Learn a slow stitching and patchwork project done in the style of Japanese Boro cloth. This is a project from Blair's book, Wise Craft Quilts. She will guide you through choosing your color palette, how to incorporate special pieces in your project, and how to add layers of hand stitching like sashiko and simple embroidery stitches to make this project really special.

Supply List
- Base cloth- This piece should measure 30” square. You will layer other fabric pieces over this base cloth, and depending on how much you layer over it, you may see lots of it, or not much of it at all. A solid or minimal print in a neutral color will work best. Suitable fabrics are quilting weight cotton, chambray, lightweight denim, home dec fabrics, etc. Not suitable are knits, t-shirts, or very stretchy fabrics.
- Layers- I have used many things to layer over my base cloth- small bright scraps of fabrics I’ve really loved, old feedsack squares, a small orphaned quilt square, pieces of denim, lace or crochet piece, etc. All kinds of things are possible. If you have something you’d like to use, but are unsure, bring it and we’ll take a look at it. Consider each layering piece should be small- 2-5” is a good size.
- Embroidery floss or Sashiko thread - Several colors: contrasting and matching to your other project components, so you have lots of options.
- Embroidery or sashiko needle
- Applique glue/Elmer’s glue stick, applique pins- something to temporarily hold your
layering pieces in place.
- Frixion pen

All supplies are available for purchase at Modern Domestic.

Please purchase supplies in advance of your class. If you plan to shop for supplies the day of your class we recommend arriving at least 45 minutes early.

What is an “Advanced Beginner” class at Modern Domestic?
You have a good handle on the basics and are ready to dip your toe into more challenging waters. You’re still fairly new to sewing from patterns and could use help with how to manipulate the pattern to get a better fit. You want to add some new skills to your repertoire (invisible zippers, setting-in sleeves, sewing with a serger, etc.). Classes generally require homework.

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