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Hand Sewing

Ponderosa Creative Thread Gloss
Thread Gloss for hand sewing, embroidery, and needlepoint crafts.
Repair Needle Set 7ct
Comes with (1) Canvas, (1) Carpet, (1) Leather, (1) Sacks, (1) Sail & (2) Upholstery needles.
Clover Gold Eye Quilting Needles #12
Elasticity of needle: Standard type
An extra fine needle for beautiful quilting stitches
Our short needle allows comfortable stitching
15 needles/package
Clover Gold Eye Milliners Needles #3-9
Long needles with round eyes used for: bonnet and hat making, pleating, ribbon, embroidery, and embellishing decorations.
Sizes include
No. 3 (0.99mm x 55.6mm) 2pcs
No. 5 (0.84mm x 50.8mm) 4pcs
No. 7 (0.69mm x 46.8mm) 4pcs
No. 9 (0.53mm x 42.9mm) 6p
Clover Compact Sewing Kit
An assortment of handy and useful tools in a convenient portable case. Compact sewing kit includes: scissors, thread tweezer, thread: 100% polyester, buttons, needle threader, needles, and safety pins.
Double Needle Threader
You can thread both large-sized needles and small-sized needles.
Clover Gold Eye Sashico Needles (Long Type)
Needles sharp tip enables for a smooth insertion into fabric.
Sizes include
1.14mm x 69.8mm (1pc)
1.14mm x 60.3 mm (1pc)
1.07mm x 57.2mm (1pc)
Clover Gold Eye Sashico Needles
Sharp needle tip enables smooth insertion into fabric.
Sizes include
0.84mm x 50.8mm (2pcs)
0.99mm x 44.5mm (2pcs)
0.91mm x 42.9mm (2pcs)
0.89mm x 34.9mm (2pcs
Clover Gold Eye Embroidery Needle #3-9
Embroidery or crewel needles have extra large eyes for strands of cotton or ribbon embroidery thread. Mainly used for either cotton or ribbon embroidery. 16 needles per package.
Sizes include
No. 3 (0.99 x 44.5mm) 2 pcs
No. 4 (0.91x 42.99mm) 2 pcs
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