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Hand Sewing


Clover Gold Eye Sashico Needles (Long Type)
Needles sharp tip enables for a smooth insertion into fabric. Sizes include
1.14mm x 69.8mm (1pc)
1.14mm x 60.3 mm (1pc)
1.07mm x 57.2mm (1pc)
Clover Gold Eye Milliners Needles #3-9
Long needles with round eyes used for: bonnet and hat making, pleating, ribbon, embroidery, and embellishing decorations. Sizes include
No. 3 (0.99mm x 55.6mm) 2pcs
No. 5 (0.84mm x 50.8mm) 4pcs
No. 7 (0.69mm x 46.8mm) 4pcs
No. 9 (0.53mm x 42.9mm) 6pcs
Clover Gold Eye Sashiko Needles
Sharp needle tip enables smooth insertion into fabric.Sizes include
0.84mm x 50.8mm (2pcs)
0.99mm x 44.5mm (2pcs)
0.91mm x 42.9mm (2pcs)
0.89mm x 34.9mm (2pcs
Clover Black Gold Quilting Between Needles #12
FeaturesElasticity of needle: Standard type
An extra fine needle for beautiful quilting stitches
Our short needle allows comfortable stitching
15 needles/package
Repair Needle Set 7ct
Comes with (1) Canvas, (1) Carpet, (1) Leather, (1) Sacks, (1) Sail & (2) Upholstery needles.
Clover Double Needle Threader
You can thread both large-sized needles and small-sized needles.
Clover Gold Eye Embroidery Needle #3-9
Embroidery or crewel needles have extra large eyes for strands of cotton or ribbon embroidery thread. Mainly used for either cotton or ribbon embroidery. 16 needles per package.Sizes include
No. 3 (0.99 x 44.5mm) 2 pcs
No. 4 (0.91x 42.99mm) 2 pcs
No. 5 (0
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