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Merchant & Mills Provision Pins
These delicate little beauties do away with the usual collar.
Traditional French safety pins with no coil to catch on threads or weave, so ideal for knitters and sewists alike. These little golden beauties are a rare find, at 24mm they are small and perfe
Dritz Curved Safety Pins Size 1
Dritz Curved Safety Pins Size 150 count
NN Glass Head Pins 1 3/8" 200 ct
Fine .50mm shaft with glass head. Won't melt when you hit them with an iron. Made in Japan. 200 pins in a reusable oval tin. 1/2 white 1/2 blue
Clover Patchwork Pins
Blue and yellow glass heads make them easy to find. Made in Japan. 100 pins in a plastic box.
Clover Flower Head Pins Boxed 100ct
Long pins can hold together many layers of fabric. Flat head is convenient for machine stitching and ironing. 100 pins/case. Size: 0.70 x 54 mm
Clover Quilting Pins (Fine)
Pins smoothly pass through fabric, as the pin tips are thin and sharp. Long size pins are perfectly suited for quilting. Heat resistant glass head suited for ironing. 100 pins/case.Size: 0.50 x 48 mm.
Clover Fork Pins
Excellent for sewing and quilting. Fine pins with diameter of 0.56mm. (35 pins per package).
Clover Patchwork Pins Fine
Extra-fine pins, which smoothly pass through fabric. Useful for precise pinning in delicate piecework and applique. Head is made of iron proof glass. 100 pins/case.Size: 0.40 x 36 mm.
Clover Glass Head Silk Pins
Thin Silk Pins (0.5mm diameter). It will not leave pin marks in fabrics. The head is made of glass and will not melt with heat of the iron. 100 pins/case. Size: 0.50 x 36 mm.
Ball Point Pins 1 1/16"
Plastic heads - don not iron over!
Use with knits and lingerie fabics. Nickel-Plated Steel. Size 17 1-1/16in (27mm) Extra fine .5mm shaft. 175 count per card.
Dritz Curved Safety Pins Size 2
Dritz Curved Safety Pins Size 2 40 count
Dritz Safety Pins Assortment sizes 1 & 2
Dritz Safety Pins Assortment sizes 1 & 2 50 count
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