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Advanced Beginner: Fit Workshop, Saturdays, September 14th & 21st, 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Sandra Ericson

Advanced Beginner: Fit Workshop, Saturdays, September 14th & 21st, 1:30pm - 4:30pm

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Instructor: Sandra Ericson

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner*, ages 15 and up

Class Length: 2 Sessions, 3 hours each session


This class is about applying proportional design theory to your unique body dimensions. You'll discover your own proportions and learn which style of clothing designs enhance or detract from your best look. The knowledge ensures every garment you create is a beloved addition to your wardrobe. Imagine a closet filled with items you love and wear with confidence, all while saving you time and money!


Session 1
You’ll learn the theory of proportional design and how it applies to your proportions. You’ll trace your figure to determine personal proportional differences as compared to the industry.


Session 2
You’ll determine the best designs to visually create the look you want for yourself. You’ll identify the functional, structural, and decorative elements of your best designs.


About Your Instructor: Sandra Ericson
Sandra directed the Consumer Arts and Science Department at City College of San Francisco for twenty-eight years. Her expertise and experience span all aspects of Consumer Science and Fashion Design, including pattern design, draping, and clothing construction.


Supply List:

- 1-3 yards of 1/2” or 5/8” elastic (elastic is to be tied around waist)

- Notebook

- Pencil, Red & Blue colored pencils

- Please bring or wear clothing comfortable for taking body measurements, ie. leggings or lightweight pants & snug or lightweight top. 


*Skill Level: Advanced Beginner - You have a good handle on the basics and are ready to dip your toe into more challenging waters. You’re still fairly new to sewing from patterns and could use help with how to manipulate the pattern to get a better fit. You want to add some new skills to your repertoire (invisible zippers, setting-in sleeves, sewing with a serger, etc.). Classes generally require homework.


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