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bernette 37/38


Bernette Button Sew-On Foot (b37/38)
With this presser foot not only buttons of different sizes can be sewn on but also rings or hooks. The Button sew-on foot provides a slip-resistant sole so that the button cannot slip away.
Bernette Presser Feet 6pc Kit (Quilting b37/38)
Do you want to quilt more with your bernette sewing machine? Do decorative quiltings, sew smoothly on leather material and a lot more. Feel free and be creative with the feet in this set.
Edgestitch foot
Patchwork foot
Straight-stitch foot
Bernette Darning / Embroidery Foot (b37/38)
This foot is a true specialist for free motion sewing and it is best suitable to darn holes and worn areas. Used together with an embroidery hoop, the darning process can be simplified as the hoop stabilizes the fabric.
Bernette Straight-Stitch Foot (b37/38)
This presser foot is ideally suited for all straight-stitch work. The small stitch hole supports the material during sewing.
Bernette Presser Feet 10pc Kit (b37/38)
Do you want to be more creative with your bernette sewing machine? Decorate with decorative stitches, sew smoothly on leather material or sew-in an invisible zipper foot are only a few examples, which you can do with the feet in this set.
Bernette Walking Foot (b37/38)
Difficult-to-work-with fabrics are best sewn using the Walking foot. It supports the fabric feed by a second feed dog on the upper side of the foot.
Bernette Binder Attachment Pre-Folded (b05 academy/b37/38)
The Binder attachment serves to bind edges with pre-folded or not pre-folded bias tape in a finished width of 5 to 7 mm, which are sewn with a utility or decorative stitch.
Bernette Patchwork 1/4” Foot (b37/38)
This foot is ideal for patchworking with exact seam allowances of 1/4 and 1/8 inch.
Bernette Blindstitch Foot (b37/38)
This foot is most suitable to sew blindhems or to topstitch edges. The stitches only pierce the hem so that the stitch holes are hardly visible on the right side of the fabric.
Bernette Hemmer Foot (b37/38)
This special presser foot serves the purpose to create professional-looking seams. It folds the fabric twice which results in a nice rollhem which is then properly fixed by the needle with a straight stitch.
Bernette Zigzag Foot w/ Non-Stick Sole (b37/38)
The non-stick sole ensures smooth riding over difficult-to-feed materials such as leather, plastic, vinyl or similar.
Bernette Edgestitch Foot (b37/38)
This presser foot with guide facilitates the topstitching of edges, hems and pleats; helpful for sewing on lace or tapes, and for reinforcing edges. The guide helps you achieve flawless seams and hems that run parallel to the edge.
Bernette Free-Motion Embroidery Foot (b37/38)
The open embroidery sole offers a clear view of the embroidery area. Precise, creative free-motion works such as monogramming and Richelieu embroidery (‘cutwork’) as well as thread painting are simplicity itself with the free-motion embroidery foot.
Bernette Zipper Foot (b37/38)
Due to the narrow shape, zippers in various versions can be sewn in easily. The fabric is fed evenly while you can sew along the coils very closely.
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