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Clover Seams Right Tool
Multipurpose tool: For sewing quilting, knitting, crochet and embroidery. Used for measuring and checking. For fabric and yarns.
A handy tool for marking and checking seam allowances
A slot for making buttonholes
Ideal for ironing creases an
Flex n Glide Bodkins
Long, flexible bodkins quickly pull drawstring through casing.
Clover Hold it Precision Stiletto
Heat resistant silicone tip for working near iron while pressing. Use at the ironing board or sewing machine.
Clover Japanese Tweezers
Tweezer with flat end and sharp point
Removes decorative stitches and embroidery stitches from fabric
Clover Gold Eye Quilting Needles #12
Elasticity of needle: Standard type
An extra fine needle for beautiful quilting stitches
Our short needle allows comfortable stitching
15 needles/package
Clover Gold Eye Milliners Needles #3-9
Long needles with round eyes used for: bonnet and hat making, pleating, ribbon, embroidery, and embellishing decorations.
Sizes include
No. 3 (0.99mm x 55.6mm) 2pcs
No. 5 (0.84mm x 50.8mm) 4pcs
No. 7 (0.69mm x 46.8mm) 4pcs
No. 9 (0.53mm x 42.9mm) 6p
Clover Curve Ruler Set
An essential set of rulers for pattern drafting and adjustments for garment sewing and fashion design. Rulers can be used for arm holes, neck lines, hip lines, hems, or for small adjustments. 3 pc set.
French Curve
Hip Curve
Mini Ruler (1x6")
Clover 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge
A multifunctional sliding gauge for easy marking! Can be set at 1/8" (3.2cm) increments.
Note from Team Nancy: The 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge is a go-to sewing notion. Whether quilting or sewing, it is a versatile and accurate tool to measure, mark and create.
Clover Press Perfect Hot Ruler
Measure, mark, fold, press: deep hems, long hems, miter corners
Heat resistant, press directly on the ruler
Can be used with dry or steam iron
Unique non-slip surface holds fabric in place for precise results
2 1/2" x 10" (63.5cm x 254cm)
Clover Compact Sewing Kit
An assortment of handy and useful tools in a convenient portable case. Compact sewing kit includes: scissors, thread tweezer, thread: 100% polyester, buttons, needle threader, needles, and safety pins.
Clover Shiro Spring Tape Measure
Made of fiberglass material that prevents stretching. In inches and metric scaling. Increments from 60 in/150 cm. Automatically retracts at the push of a button.
Clover Double Tracing Wheel
Seam line and cutting line can be marked easily and at the same time. The adjustable width ranges between 0.4-1.2in (10 to 30mm)
Single Tracing Wheels are also available
Clover Tracing Wheel Blunt
The wheel is designed for transfering Tracing Paper "Chacopy" (Art. No 434). It's blunt edges will mark the line without tearing the paper templates or Tracing Paper.
Clover Tracing Wheel Serrated
Tracing wheel for easy tracing of paper templates. This tracing wheel is for marking directly on fabrics. It is especially suitable for marking thin fabrics.
Kuroha Thread Snips Scissors (scissor 16)
High quality thread clipper - offers an excellent cutting edge and lasting performance. Clover's "Kuroha" Thread Clipper features a carbon steel blade and is 4 1/4" in length.
Clover Tailor’s Awl
The ergonomic handle provides better grip and comfort for controlled results. The curved tip ensures beautiful curves on pockets and collars. The special tip also allows you to easily get under seams and stitches. When using the awl as a stiletto the curv
Clover Chacopel Pencil Set
For fine line markings on fabric.
Test the Chacopel on a piece of fabric to see if it can be removed
Remove markings before ironing to eliminate any stain on the fabric
Use laundry neutral detergent to remove markings
1 White
Clover Chacopen Pink w/ Eraser Air Erasable
Marking will disappear automatically (within a couple of days) or by using the convenient eraser.
Wonder Clips 50 pc
Great holding capacity for many crafts with a wide opening, guide scale and flat back. 50 pcs per package.
Clip opens wide to hold layers of fabrics
Clip base is flat for easy feeding to the presser foot
Seam allowance markings of 1/4" (7mm)
Triangle Chalk Yellow

Tailor's Chalk for sewing and quilting. Available in blue, red, white and yellow.
Triangle Chalk Red

Tailor's Chalk for sewing and quilting. Available in blue, red, white and yellow.
Chaco Liner Pen Style Refill Blue

Refills for Pen Style Chaco Liners.
Chaco Liner Pen Style Refill Silver

Refills for Pen Style Chaco Liners.
Chaco Liner Pen Style Refill White

Refills for Pen Style Chaco Liners.
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