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Gingher 5" Craft Knife Edge Scissors
A favorite of quilting, sewing and embroidery enthusiasts, Gingher Knife-edge Sewing Scissors feature precision-ground, knife-edge blades that cut multiple layers of fabric, clip curves and notch or cut buttonholes.
SALE Gingher 8" Knife Edge Scissors
Dressmaker Shears offer a longer cut ideal for cutting patterns, trimming seams or cutting long swaths of fabric. These versatile shears feature long, precision-ground, knife-edge blades that cut multiple layers of fabric easily, all the way to the tip.
Gingher 6" Knife Edge Duckbill Applique Scissors
Ideal for appliqué work and rug making, the paddle-shaped blade of Gingher Appliqué Scissors pushes away the bottom layer of fabric for flawless, controlled cuts close to the stitching.
Gingher 4" Large Handle Embroidery Scissors
A basic necessity for sewing and needlework enthusiasts, Classic Embroidery Scissors feature a strong frame and slender blades ideal for cutting a single layer of fabric, multiple strands of thread and light needlework yarn.
Gingher 4" Classic Embroidery Scissors
Gingher's classic embroidery scissor - versatile enough for all sewing and needle arts. Sharp points reach and cut multiple threads and a strong frame is ideal for cutting one layer of fabric or lightweight yarn. Double-plated chrome over nickel. Includes
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