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Omnigrid 1 x 6" Ruler
1 in x 6 in

Small and versatile this pocket-size ruler is for those applications in sewing crafts quilting and weaving where a mini-ruler is more convenient.
Omnigrid 3 x 18" Ruler CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY
3 in x 18 in

Designed for easy manipulation and portability with the convenience of added length. A great ruler for secondary cutting and fine patchwork techniques.
Omnigrid 4 x 14" Ruler CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY
4 in x 14 in
The 14in length allows for cutting of quartered fabric while the 4in width makes it easier to hold while cutting.
OmniEdge 4 x 36" Ruler CURBSIDE PICK ONLY
4inx36in Ruler
Has an 1/8in lip that catches on your mat to prevent slipping. The lip can easily be removed so that you can position your ruler as needed. The outer edges are highlighted to reduce cutting errors when trimming 1/4in seam allowances as are
Omnigrid 12.5" Ruler CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY
Square Ruler 12.5 in

Great for the quilter who works primarily with finished blocks up to 12-1/2in. It is useful for squaring up blocks up to 12-1/2in before final assembly.
Omnigrid 6.5" Ruler
This ruler measures 6-1/2x6-1/2in. Made in USA.
30, 45 and 60 degree angle lines marked for easy alignment of fabric.
Omnigrid 6 x 24" Ruler CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY
Omnigrid Ruler 6 in x24 in

The most popular ruler for the beginning or advanced quilter. It is primarily used for cutting long strips and is designed for construction of multiple angle pieces.
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