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Merchant & Mills Elementary Sewing Skills
The new Merchant & Mills Elementary Sewing Skills book is a pocket or bag companion, packed full of useful techniques for wardrobe maintenance and alterations.
Bound in linen, with crystal clear instructions, sequenced illustrations and beautiful photogra
OESD StitcH2O Wash Away Topping 12” x 10yds
OESD StitchH20 Water Soluble Embroidery Topping. Will not stick to embroidery foot. Textured finish of ease of handling. Excess tears away easily. Remove any remnants by dabbing with water.
OESD Polymesh Cut Away 15" x 10yds CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY
Soft but very strong, Polymesh Cut-Away stabilizer is good for knits and stretchy fabrics. A great choice for baby garments and for areas in direct contact with skin. It securely holds embroidery stitches on fabric through repeated washing and wearing. Ex
OESD Embroidery Tape Wash Away
OESD Expert Embroidery Tape - Wash Away 3/4" x 8 yds Use this wash-away tape to temporarily hold your fabrics in place while doing in-the-hoop embroidery projects. No need to worry about getting tape trapped in your project. The tape can easily be removed
Clover Compact Sewing Kit
An assortment of handy and useful tools in a convenient portable case. Compact sewing kit includes: scissors, thread tweezer, thread: 100% polyester, buttons, needle threader, needles, and safety pins.
Clover Double Tracing Wheel
Seam line and cutting line can be marked easily and at the same time. The adjustable width ranges between 0.4-1.2in (10 to 30mm)
Single Tracing Wheels are also available
Clover Buttonhole Cutter
A cutter used for opening buttonholes or small cuts on fabrics. The sharpened chisel edge will cut any width opening when placed over block of wood and pounded gently.
Clover Tracing Wheel Blunt
The wheel is designed for transfering Tracing Paper "Chacopy" (Art. No 434). It's blunt edges will mark the line without tearing the paper templates or Tracing Paper.
Double Needle Threader
You can thread both large-sized needles and small-sized needles.
Kai 8” Professional 7000 Series Shears Scissors
The Kai 7205 is the 8-inch professional scissor that is ideal for thicker, more difficult fabrics. The 7000 series scissors, including the 7205, are made of a high carbon, hardened stainless steel.

The addition of carbon allows for a steeper cutting
Merchant & Mills Wide Bow Black Scissors
Tougher than old boots and supremely sharp and black.

Wide bow scissors - 4" (10cm) small and precise in a deep, permanent black steel.
Norm and Nannette Quilt Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman
Norm & Nanette are adorable gnome siblings made with conventional patchwork techniques. Please refer to the pattern back image for more information.
Closet Case Patterns Sasha Trousers
The Sasha Trousers are a polished wardrobe staple. Featuring classic tailored details, a flattering mid-rise with a contour waistband, slim, tapered leg and a comfortable stretch fit, these are wear-everywhere pants that can easily move from day to night.
Alison Glass Mini Series Courthouse Step
As makers we like to leave our mark on what we create by adding a touch that is all our own. But what about the things we use every day? With the Mini Series, turn those items into something extraordinary. Embellish a pin cushion with a tiny pineapple blo
Wiksten Baby + Toddler Bloomers + Pants
These classic bloomers and pants are sure to become a favorite wardrobe staple for any baby. They're cut higher in the back to fit over a diaper just right, and the elastic waist and leg openings make them easy for toddlers to pull off and on by themselve
Then Came June: Domino Quilt
Domino Quilt Pattern by Meghan of Then Came June.

The Domino Quilt Pattern was inspired by retro black and white kitchen tiles. I love classic design mixed with modern fabrics. The pattern gives the quilt movement as the fabric placement changes and bloc
Then Came June: City Grid Quilt Pattern
City Grid Quilt Pattern by Meghan of Then Came June.

The City Grid Quilt Pattern is a modern minimalist take on a classic design, a window pane plaid. The quilt comes together at lightening speed due to simple and effective piecing and pressing. I added
Singer 2045 Needles sz 70/09
Needles for Knits. Ball Point. System Equivalent: 130/705H-S. 5 needles per card. Purchase by the card. Singer Color Code: Yellow.
6” Serger Tweezers
6" serger tweezers
Good Measure Amanda Murphy Every Feather Plume Template Quilting Ruler Set
Good Measure by Amanda Murphy - Every Feather Template 4 pcs. The small and long plume template will help you create the perfect feathers on your long arm machine. All with non-slip backing.
Sea Urchins Quilt Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman
Make these bright and beautiful blocks using your favorite 10" x 10" fabric squares! This project uses conventional patchwork techniques, and a full-size template pattern is enclosed.
Organ Embroidery Ballpoint Titanium Needles 75/11
Large eye for embroidery. Titanium for long life. Ball point.10 needles per pack.
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