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Schmetz Microtex 5pk sz10/70
Schmetz are trusted well made needles that fit all household sewing machine brands.
Microtex needles feature a very slim acute point.
Fabric Use: Micro fibers, polyester, silk, foils, artificial leather, coated materials. Very thin acute point create
Schmetz Leather 5-pk Asst
Schmetz are trusted well made needles that fit all household sewing machine brands.
Feature: Cutting point.
Fabric Use: Leather, artificial leather, heavy non-woven synthetics. Do not use on knit or woven fabrics.
Quantity: Five (5) needles per ca
Schmetz Universal 5-pk sz10/70
Schmetz are trusted well made needles that fit all household sewing machine brands.
Fabric Use: Numerous - wovens and knits. A great general purpose needle.
Feature: Slightly rounded point.
Quantity: Five (5) needles per card.
Merchant & Mills TN31 Parka Pattern
TN31 is a relaxed and versatile interpretation of the classic fishtail parka. Lined or unlined it can work for all seasons. It has side pockets, front welt pockets, a back vent and optional drawstring waist.
Merchant & Mills Ottoline Jacket Pattern
The Ottoline is a boxy workwear jacket with cuff and side seam splits and inside pocket. Although a lovely design detail the vents are a little tricky, so we have included instructions to simplify Ottoline by excluding the side seams and sleeve vents if y
Merchant & Mills Jack Tar Bag Pattern
This copious bucket bag has space for an almost infinite amount of stuff. Make it in traditional British oilskin, sturdy canvas, cotton drill or denim. Fully lined with 3 divided internal pockets. The most useful of bags.
Merchant & Mills Skipper Dress Pattern
Little girl pattern for ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 years. Inspired by the classic sailor bib, we pay homage to the ancient port of Rye (our hometown).
Merchant & Mills Short Blade Safety Gold Scissors (scissor 23)
Small gold safety scissors with a blunt end, ideal for carrying in your bag or for taking on a plane. M & M engraved.

Full size 10cm / 4″, blade size 3cm / 1″.
Merchant & Mills Fine Work Gold Scissors (scissor 18)
Perfect gold snips engraved with ‘M’.

Full size 9cm / 3.5″, blade size 3cm / 1″.
Kai 9” Pinking Shears Scissors (scissor 4)
Strong and light pinking shears for even the toughest of projects. The comfortable and lightweight handle, as well as the stainless steel blades, make this a necessary addition to your collection.
Kai 10” Professional 7000 Series Shears Scissors (scissor 8)
The Kai 7250 is a 10-inch professional shears that is ideal for thicker, more difficult fabrics.

The 7000 series scissors, including the 7250, are made of a high carbon, hardened stainless steel. The addition of carbon allows for a steeper cutting
Kai 4” Curved Needlecraft Scissors (scissor 19)
The Kai 5100C: 4-inch Needle Craft (Curved Tip) Scissors have sharp, pointed, and curved tips that allow for flexibility in clipping jump stitches in embroidery designs, lettering, machine quilting, beadwork, and fly tying for fishermen.

The curved t
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