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Clover Gold Eye Milliners Needles #3-9
Long needles with round eyes used for: bonnet and hat making, pleating, ribbon, embroidery, and embellishing decorations.
Sizes include
No. 3 (0.99mm x 55.6mm) 2pcs
No. 5 (0.84mm x 50.8mm) 4pcs
No. 7 (0.69mm x 46.8mm) 4pcs
No. 9 (0.53mm x 42.9mm) 6p
Clover Tailor’s Awl
The ergonomic handle provides better grip and comfort for controlled results. The curved tip ensures beautiful curves on pockets and collars. The special tip also allows you to easily get under seams and stitches. When using the awl as a stiletto the curv
Clover Chacopen Blue with Eraser Water Soluable
Marking will disappear instantly with water or by using the convenient eraser.
Bias Tape Maker 50mm 2"
Create your own bias tapes in minutes. Available in 5 sizes: 6mm (1/4"), 12mm (1/2"), 18mm (3/4"), 25mm (1"), 50mm (2").
Clover Fork Pins
Excellent for sewing and quilting. Fine pins with diameter of 0.56mm. (35 pins per package).
Kai 9” Bent Handle Scissors
The Kai 5230 , 9-inch bent handle scissor has an ergonomically soft handle which allows for fatigue-free cutting on all types of fabric. It cuts multiple layers of denim with ease while trimming cottons without fabric slippage.

It also features a tailo
Sewline Fabric Mechanical Pencil White
Our top selling mechanical fabric pencil with our special CERAMIC leads gives clear, clean lines that are easily removed from most fabrics with the attached eraser, the Sewline Aqua Eraser or a damp cloth. No more messy chalk or lines you can’t remove! Th
Red Square Bobbinsaver
Holds up to 66 metal or plastic bobbins of all different sizes. The flexible rubbery plastic expands to receive the bobbin and promptly snugs up around it so threads won't tangle or unwind.
Good Measure Amanda Murphy Circle Quilting Ruler Set
Good Measure by Amanda Murphy - Set of 5 Circles. Allows you to make any circle perfectly. Made for long arm machine. All with non-slip backing.
Singer 2020 Needles 5-pk sz14
Needles for wovens. Round sharp point. System Equivalent: 130/750H-Q. 5 needles per card. Purchase by the card. Singer Color Code: Red.
Roxanne Glue Baste-It
In an EZ-Squeezie bottle! Designed to keep air out and glue fresh! 100% water-soluble glue dries in minutes holds firmly until moistened or washed and does not feel stiff when dry. A syringe applicator allows controlled placement of droplets of glue. Cont
Clear Elastic 3/8"
Conrad Jarvis Designer's Choice Clear Elastic retains memory, is soft and durable, won't rub or chafe skin, and is resistant to bleach and perspiration. It is thinner than regular elastic, stretches to 3 times its original length, is washer and dryer safe
Good Measure Amanda Murphy Every Clamshell Quilting Ruler Set
Good Measure by Amanda Murphy - Every Clamshell Template Set of 2pcs. Allows you to make 1in, 2in, 3in and 4 inch Clamshells. It has markings that clearly indicate the previous row's quilting lines, which no one else has. All with non-slip backing.
Good Measure Amanda Murphy Every Curve Template Quilting Ruler Set
Good Measure by Amanda Murphy - Every Curve Set of 3 will help you make perfect curves on your long arm machine. All with non-slip backing.
Organ Embroidery Ballpoint Titanium Needles 75/11
Large eye for embroidery. Titanium for long life. Ball point.10 needles per pack.
Eversewn Embroidery Thread Box Northern Lights 60 Spools CURBSIDE PICK-UP ONLY
The Northern Lights Thread Box mix contains 60 strong, high-quality polyester embroidery thread colors with brilliant sheen and luster.The Northern Lights thread mix incorporates cool hues of green, blue and violet, just like the natural light display in
Merchant & Mills Ribbing: Colours: Navy / Turqouise / Olive Green / Pistachio Green
Perfect for cuffs, necklines, etc
French stripy ribbing. Length 105cm, width 5.5cm wide.
Soft and Stable 18” x 58” White CURBSIDE PICK-UP ONLY
Alternative to batting for use in purses bags and beyond gives great stability and body, yet remains lightweight and cushiony.
16oz Best Press Scent Free
You asked for it. Formulated for fragrant sensitive customers it's the same amazing product but zero odor. In a non-aerosol spray bottle so it's environmentally-friendly and you can see how much is left. Make ironing as pleasant as possible! No more mixin
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